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The Houses of Alexander Street:

11 Alexander

14 Alexander

15/17 Alexander

16 Alexander

19 Alexander

20 Alexander

22 Alexander

25 Alexander

26 Alexander

29 Alexander

31 Alexander

38 Alexander

44 Alexander


From Princeton Architectural Survey No. 1109-2-S1:

"Alexander Street south from Mercer is the only streetscape in Princeton Borough that survives relatively intact from the mid-19th century.  Several houses of the 1830's and '40's comprise this northern end of the street.  They are of modest size, yet high quality, standing on small lots, and though no two are identical, each uses the same basic plan and materials.  They differ chiefly in their application of Federal and Greek Revival details.  Several...are the work of Charles Steadman, a prolific local architect/builder who sold or rented these buildings to tradesmen working on the canal or railroad; or perhaps the work of Henry W. Leard.  Alexander Street was called Canal Road as it was the main road to Princeton Basin.  The houses...sit on their lots as if meant to be viewed as a group....An exceptional group of Greek Revival houses and a High Victorian Gothic institutional structure are the strong elements of this street."

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11 Alexander St.

14 Alexander St.

15/17 Alexander St.

16 Alexander St.

19 Alexander St.

20 Alexander St.

22 Alexander St.

25 Alexander St.

26 Alexander St.

29 Alexander St.

31 Alexander St.

38/44 Alexander St.