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And the Long Term Development of the Princeton Community

The Mercer Hill Historic District Association has supported the work of Princeton Future since its inception in October 2000.   The MHHDA has held neighborhood meetings to provide feedback to Princeton Future on community issues and has participated in public forums sponsored by Princeton Future to discuss the growth and development of the downtown area and neighborhood concerns.  One Sunday Open Meeting was devoted solely to the topic of historic preservation (March 25, 2001 at the Frist Campus Center).  The MHHDA supports Princeton Future in its ongoing discussion of community issues at the Borough and Township levels.

From its Mission Statement:

Princeton Future is a group of citizens interested in the long-term development of the Princeton community.  We all agree that Princeton is a great place to live and should remain largely as is, but there are a few aspects of the downtown area worthy of attention, some community needs that are not currently being met, and a few remaining parcels of undeveloped land that present important opportunities to shape our future.

Princeton Borough and Princeton Township have worked hard to address the quality of life of our community.  They have developed a thoughtful Master Plan and are carefully considering expansion plans for our library and the Arts Council, parking needs and many other concerns.  

We believe that Princeton Future can play a constructive role in these deliberations in several ways by:

  •     Generating public interest in defining our future.
  •     Promoting civic awareness -- the more that our community understands its history,
        current issues and options, the greater possibility there is for consensus.
  •     Thinking comprehensively about our challenges.  Let's look at the expansions of
        the library and Arts Council, John Street neighborhood needs, parking demand,
        and University plans together.
  •     Seeking community input from a broad range of citizens.
  •    Identifying problem areas and publicly discussing possible solutions related to
        growth in the downtown area and our neighborhoods.
  •     Suggesting new methods to finance improvements and implement our community's
  •     Communicating through public meetings, newspaper articles and ads.